Message from Managing Director

Welcome to Pharmaethics Medical Supplies LLC, one of the leading and most recognized pharmaceutical company in UAE that Markets and Distributes Branded and Generics Pharmaceutical and Beauty Care Products.

Since its incorporation, Pharmaethics Philosophy has been focused on providing highly quality products at an affordable price to the communities in which it serves. We invest in our assets with long term strategy and we improve the quality and the value of our assets by partnering with local and multinational Business Partners. We enhance productivity by associating with Professional Management teams, skillful Manpower and high end Technology in order to help us reach our full potential. By exercising a culture that strives to avoid undue risk, we are able to protect capital and increase shareholders’ value and also provide Business Partners and Employees the level of confidence in terms of long term financial stability. Our Management Team understands that our high standards of integrity places great value on doing the right things and on doing things right. We will continue to support our highly trained professionals and a great management team in achieving our operating synergies and in growing our business regionally, while taking a futuristic viewpoint to further fortify our investment in order to increase our equity value.

Pharmaethics remains extremely well positioned to deliver greater results for the Shareholders and to grow its businesses despite the many inherent challenges being faced. The Retail Chain of Pharmacies that commenced operation few years back and the Strategic Partnerships that we have been signing in the recent past with many local and multinational companies has given us exceptional access to compelling opportunities across a wide range of products and markets. There are changes, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Pharmaethics. We look forward to reporting continued strong performance going forward on our Top and Bottom lines that will provide a consistent and attractive return to all stake holders.

I thank our Shareholders and Business Partners for their confidence in our Company and our Employees for committing their talent and expertise to our success. We will continue to push forward, break new boundaries and seize emerging opportunities for the welfare of humanity. We strongly believe that ‘Limits exist only in the souls of those who do not dream’.

Managing director

Nizamuddin Siddiqui

Message from the General Manager

It gives me immense pleasure to proclaim that the past years have seen a ranked growth for Pharmaethics Medical Supplies LLC on various parameters. As the pharmaceutical industry continued to face numerous challenges, we at Pharmaethics have been successful in understanding the changing market environment and respond to these changes with greater speed and flexibility so that we continue remain competitive and profitable.

Today it is even more essential that we precisely identify the changing consumer needs and lifestyle and supply products and services that meets the needs and expectation of the Customers with consistency. At Pharmaethics, you are not only assured of quality and affordable products but also commitment to success and an opportunity where Suppliers & Customers can establish a sustainable business relationship that is dependable and trustworthy and also where Employees take pride in their work. With the state of the art Logistic facilities & well-structured & trained Logistic Team that complies with relevant regulatory requirements of Ministry of Health and other regulatory bodies of the country, Pharmaethics is well equipped to meet its day-to-day operational needs and strategic growth.

We take tremendous pride in the understanding and knowledge we have of the local markets whilst offering our partners access to the regional network. We are proud that our efforts to build a great Company have been recognized locally and regionally by our competitors and our peers. We embrace each challenge with a humble optimism that together we can improve the quality of lives within our community which in turn will contribute to the development and prosperity of UAE and all the other regions that we serve. In many ways, we believe it is the work that has chosen us. We know that a lot remains to be done. Our early success has given us the confidence, respect, and credibility.

I am privileged to be a part of Pharmaethics and welcome you to know us and let us serve you better.

Saadat Zaidi

General Manager

Mr. Saadat Zaidi - General Manager
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